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What is Sew Vintagely?

Soon to be your favorite online fabric shop! Why? Because you’ll always be treated to the best customer service on the planet and super-fast shipping. You want to jump in and start sewing when inspiration hits, right? 

Basic fabrics are kept in stock year around, including cotton solids, linen and knit; also heirloom fabrics including cotton batiste.  Heirloom lace, ribbon and buttons are also in stock year around.

Thoughtfully curated seasonal collection fabrics are available for a limited time in spring-summer and fall-winter.

Sew Vintagely is based in sunny Fair Oaks, California and ships worldwide.

What is a dressmaker's yard?

You’ve heard of a baker’s dozen right? When you go to the doughnut shop on the corner and you get 13 doughnuts instead of 12 in baker’s dozen?

A dressmaker’s yard is simply a generously cut yard. I coined the phrase (I think) because when you buy your fabric online from Sew Vintagely, you are buying from someone who sews. Someone who knows how important it is to have enough fabric to finish a project.

And I like doughnuts.


Sew Vintagely supports sustainable, eco-friendly shipping practices.

In an effort toward zero waste, your items are mailed to you in biodegradable shipping materials whenever possible. I also re-use shipping materials I receive from suppliers.

Natural fiber fabrics

With the exception of a few heirloom favorites, Sew Vintagely carries only natural fiber fabrics, as well as a growing GOTS certified organic and sustainable fabric collection.

Who am I?

I’m Sherrie and I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl. I am passionate about continuing my family’s tradition of making and I love to inspire creativity in others.  I love to sew vintage style as well as casual modern. I love to have a stash of basics for those mornings when I don’t feel like thinking much about my outfit. Sew Vintagely’s curated collection of fabrics reflects my modern ideals and love of vintage style.

Be fearless and make something beautiful!

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