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Natural Coconut Buttons

6 loose buttons

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Our eco-friendly Coconut Buttons are crafted from the natural beauty of coconut shells to bring a touch of rustic charm to your sewing projects. Sourced sustainably from coconut palms, each button boasts a unique texture and grain pattern, adding a distinct character to any garment or accessory. These buttons are lightweight yet durable, making them perfect for a wide range of applications, from casual shirts to bohemian-inspired bags. With their earthy tones and organic feel, our Coconut Buttons are the perfect choice for eco-conscious creators looking to add a touch of natural flair to their designs. Let your creativity flourish with these ethically sourced and environmentally friendly buttons, and embrace the beauty of nature in your sewing endeavors.

Sustainability: Coconut buttons are made from the shells of coconuts, which are sourced from coconut palm trees. These trees are renewable resources that grow abundantly in tropical regions, providing a consistent and sustainable source of material for button production. Coconut buttons are often crafted from the waste material generated during coconut processing. Instead of discarding coconut shells as waste, they are repurposed into buttons, maximizing resource utilization and reducing waste. Coconut buttons are biodegradable. The harvesting and processing of coconut shells typically involve minimal environmental impact compared to the production of synthetic buttons.
Origin: Imported
Care: Tolerates machine washing, drying, ironing, dry cleaning.

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