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Blue Shell Buttons


6 loose buttons

Akoya Shell Buttons, a fusion of coastal elegance and sustainable craftsmanship. Sourced from the luminescent shells of the Akoya oyster, these buttons embody the natural beauty and iridescence of the ocean. Meticulously harvested and crafted, each button boasts a unique pattern and shimmering finish, adding a touch of sophistication to any garment. With their timeless appeal and exceptional durability, Akoya shell buttons are the perfect choice for elevating your fashion creations while making a positive impact on the environment. Choose Akoya shell buttons for an ethically sourced, eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe or sewing projects, and embrace the beauty of sustainable luxury.

Sustainability: Akoya shell buttons are made from the shells of Akoya oysters, which are farmed specifically for their pearls. These oysters are cultivated in controlled environments, in the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring a sustainable supply of shells without depleting wild populations or damaging marine ecosystems. Since button production takes place in Italy, the workers are able to collect a livable wage for their work. The buttons in their natural, cut state are shipped to a U.S. distributor where they are dyed. The shell does not absorb dye, so they are sprayed with lacquer first and then dyed because the lacquer absorbs the dye. Since they are dyed in the U.S., the process is compliant with U.S. regulations related to toxicity and waste.
Origin: Asia-Pacific, Italy, USA
Care:  Tolerates machine washing, drying, ironing, dry cleaning. Water and heat do not affect these buttons, and the dye will not bleed. To prevent chipping, turn the garment inside out and wash on delicate cycle. For larger buttons, you may want to cover with foil when washing and drying to prevent chipping.

Please note: Because these shell buttons are a natural material, the color, shape and thickness may vary, adding to their natural charm.

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