You love fabric, right?

You love fabric, right?

Have you heard of a dressmaker’s yard? It’s the best thing since a baker’s dozen!

Have you gone to a big box fabric store and puzzled at the amount of time a clerk spends stretching your one yard of fabric right to the 36″ line? Then you get your fabric home and lay out your pattern pieces and one or two of them are just hanging over the edge of the fabric. Frustrating. But you accept it and make it work because perhaps you’re a little reluctant to buy from an online fabric store.

Why? You deserve better!

Alas, the dressmaker’s yard. This is not a new concept. Boutique fabric shops have been generously cutting your fabric for generations. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t call it a dressmaker’s yard. That’s my thing. I think. Because I like doughnuts. And I miss the days when I could get a baker’s dozen at the doughnut shop down the street.

Indeed, this implies that the person cutting your fabric knows about fabric and knows about sewing with it. After all, a dressmaker who cuts a yard of fabric for you will make sure it’s a generously cut yard, right?

There are so many things to feel anxious about when you take on a new sewing project, especially when you decide to challenge yourself with a vintage pattern or an advanced skills pattern. Will the dress fit me? Will I finally master an invisible zipper? Will my collar points match? Will I run out of bobbin thread in the middle of that eased side front seam?

The last thing you need to feel anxious about is whether or not your four yards of beautiful linen fabric or cotton batiste fabric is truly four yards.

While we’re on the subject of having confidence in your fabric store, I know how important it is to have confidence in an online fabric store. When you shop for the perfect fabric for your project online, you can’t touch the fabric or look at the color in different lighting. You have to rely on the color presented by your device’s screen and hope the pictures are good enough to show you the texture. I know. I shop online for fabric too.

Ask for a swatch! Sew Vintagely will send you a swatch of any fabric or trim so you can check it out and make sure it’s what you want before you buy your yardage.

So thanks for stopping by! While you’re here, take a minute to browse the fabric collections. You’ll discover beautiful roses blooming all year around, keeping company with natural fiber basics, heirloom and historic fabrics. And don’t forget to check out the silk ribbon, buttons and specialty sewing supplies.

Oh, and we have fast and free shipping and great customer service too!

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