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What is the slow fashion movement?

First of all, it seems like a contradiction to say that I love the energy of the slow fashion movement. But: Slow fashion; fast movement. Have you heard about slow fashion and now you’re wondering what it is?

At the heart of slow fashion is its counter to consumerism, i.e. conscious consumerism. Because when you can buy a t-shirt for $10, that means disadvantaged humans and the environment are paying a much larger price. Conscious consumerism considers ethics and sustainability. If you want to read more about slow fashion check out Good On You.

Slow fashion means eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

The subject of ethics and sustainability in manufacturing is complicated. It can be overwhelming to try to improve how we live, how we use Earth’s resources, how we support causes that are important to us. It’s ok to make choices that work for you without comparing yourself to others.

I love that some of the energy of this movement stems from a renewed passion for quality, as well as finding ways to be eco-friendly and ethical in how clothes are being manufactured. It’s like a new Renaissance. (How many Renaissances have we had now?) And I love that I can participate in the slow fashion movement by sewing my own clothes.

What happens next?

Maybe you’re reading this in the first place because your own appreciation for quality led you to this blog, or to the Sew Vintagely shop. Perhaps you love to make your own clothes using natural fiber fabrics and spend time on the details. Maybe you’re obsessed with the feel in your hands of your favorite fabric and the absolute elation you feel when you make a garment that actually fits. Maybe you’re into heirloom sewing with cotton batiste or sewing vintage style, or you were buying indie patterns 10 years ago, and you’re thinking everyone else is really late to this slow fashion game.

Isn’t it great that so many others want to share this appreciation with us now?

But it’s totally ok if you don’t sew because you can embrace slow fashion in a variety of ways. Other ways to follow the slow fashion trend are to create a capsule wardrobe and to buy from smaller companies that produce quality garments and use sustainable and ethical materials and methods.

You know what’s going to happen though. The more momentum this movement has, the quicker it’ll get picked up by department stores like Target. I can see it now: you’ll walk into a Target and there will be a section in the clothing department called “Capsule Wardrobe Mix ‘n Match.” Hopefully the acronym/abbreviation trend will be over by then. If it isn’t, you’ll be browsing Target’s new CapWar collection. Sorry – that’s the cynic in me talking….

4 thoughts on “What is the slow fashion movement?”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the process of sewing a piece of clothing, from buying fabric, to cutting out pieces with a pattern, to sewing something together. I’m always filled with wonder at a piece of clothing that I’ve actually made from start to finish, that someone would like to wear. I once went to a Jane Austen festival and I brought a Regency dress that I had sewn completely by hand, just to see if I could. I loved that project.

    1. It’s such a great feeling isn’t it? You should definitely keep an eye out for next big project if you’re still interested in the Regency era! 🙂 I love it that you sewed your dress by hand. That’s how I learned to sew. I didn’t use a sewing machine until I was 16. I still love sewing by hand. It’s so calming.

  2. I have sewn all my life and I will turn 70 in August, 🙂 Everything I have sewn is still in my mind, Even the orange
    1960’s princess cut dress with the ‘patch’ of carrots’ pin. Yikes! Fast forward to the last twenty years. I collect
    antique dolls and love to sew for them. Imagine how happy I am to find a great supplier of all I need to enjoy
    this creative and informing hobby. And, this is my first blog entry. Happy making to everyone!

    1. Hi Berta! I am honored that your first blog entry is on Sew Vintagely. And I am very happy to continue to supply your creativity! 🙂

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